Fact Sheet

Name: Diner Bros
Developer: JAYFL Games; Based in Canada
Release Date: Q3 2018
Platform: PC (Steam)
Website: www.dinerbros.com
Price: TBD
Press Contact: E-mail


  • JAYFL Games is a solo independent game developer. Development of Diner Bros began in 2017 and will its first commercial game release.
  • My inspiration to create it arose from playing addicting co-operative games from other indie developers.  My non-gamer family and friends were immediately drawn in by the co-operative nature and I knew I wanted to recreate that magic myself.  With Diner Bros,  I am excited to share my work with gamers around world!


  • Diner Bros is a hectic kitchen management game where players cook, serve, and upgrade a diner to become a 3-star restaurant.  Players can hire servers in the single player mode or bring friends to complete the local co-op campaign for 2-4 players.

  • Start off small, cooking burgers and serving drinks to a few curious customers. By upgrading the diner with new recipes, expanding the dining area, and impressing customers, it will quickly become a bustling hot spot.  Players must call out orders to the chef in the kitchen while they rush to bus tables and serve drinks to impatient customers.

  • Special Customers will venture into the diner with their own likes and quirks.  The Athlete is always in a rush so there isn't much time to serve her but smart chefs will notice she only orders salads and therefore have a fresh salad on standby.  Keep an eye out for The Punk, who isn't the most honest customer.  He'll try and sneak away without paying so catch him before he gets away or all that hard work is for nothing.

  • Diner Bros is available for wishlist now on Steam and is expected to release later this year.
294x184 photos
294x184 photos